What media is Gruevski financing out of Budapest?


For over six months, identical ads appeared at several Macedonian portals, all of which were rumored to be financed by Gruevski.

The ads by “Olivery” lead to a Hungarian firm that sells olive oil, at least on paper. On their website there are 2 products, two bottles of olive oil that cost 16 and 19 euros. We tried to buy one, the shipping was 49 euros. One doesn’t need to be an expert, but the hastily put olivery.net goes out of their way to ensure you don’t buy any of their 2 products – it is a simple front for other operations. The company is also registered with a non-existent Hungarian national who apparently has a keen interest to advertise in Pro-Gruevski media in Skopje. Think of a Hungarian John Doe.

Everyone knows Kurir, Lider and Denesen are portals financed by Gruevski. Remove the silly olive oil ads, Hungary has no olives. Put an ad for Hungarian goulash, it would make way more sense. For a billion dollar man Gruevski is not the best at money laundering. Should get in touch with his cousin or Zaev for some tips.