Whatever came of Zaev’s guarantees to Ivanov?


Macedonia’s president, Gjorge Ivanov received written statement in the form of a Guarantee from Zoran Zaev, where the SDS leader obliged himself to the following four things before the president gave him the mandate to form Government:

1. We guarantee the protection of the unitary character of the state, its sovereign, territorial integrity, independence and multiethnicity of the Republic of Macedonia.

2. We guarantee the protection of the constitutional order and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Macedonia.

3. We guarantee the protection of state interests and the promotion of the life of all citizens, irrespective of ethnic, religious and linguistic affiliation.

4. We guarantee that the decision-making process for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia will be in accordance with the basic democratic principles and the rule of law, failing the Republic of Macedonia in a position of subordination or dependence on another state.

No document, platform, declaration, act or action that would be contrary to the aforementioned paragraphs can be a condition or basis for forming and or acting of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, says in the written declaration signed by the President of SDS Zoran Zaev.

The reality is as follows:

All four points in the document have not just been broken, but annihilated over the past year.
What good is this guarantee sitting in Ivanov’s office?