When lobotomized individuals are mayors – Horses and Sheep in Centar


Once beautiful parks in downtown Skopje have been turned into a depot for trash and wild animals who freely roam in the downtown area. All of it thanks to SDS Centar mayor Sasha Bogdanovic whose previous job as a parking lot assistant prepared him well for the mayoral spot a year ago.

Locals and tourists alike are shocked as they walk in downtown Skopje to see sheep walking next to them. No one is controlling the downtown area. If a year ago one was unable to spot a cigarette butt, today you can see a horse smoking a cigarette.

Bogdanovic is neither seen nor heard.

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  • Wolf

    I love the Sense of humor. From the Nina Reporter. Marika 😂

  • Golden shekels

    this just the beginning

    • Legenda Patriot

      No surprise. They have trashed the whole country. I want to know when these scum will be strung up and publicly flogged!