Where are all the money from the Racketeering scandal?


Macedonia’s public prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, nicknamed “virus” by the public has been in charge of the racketeering scandal for months now.

During her “investigation”, Ruskoska has allowed main suspects most of which are Government officials to not just roam freely for months, but gave them plenty of time to destroy evidence, get rid and factory reset their phones etc.

Thanks to Kamchev’s video recording, the now infamous Louis Vuitton bag full of cash and the GPS tracking device inserted in it that we know the cash was taken straight to Government HQs.

What makes the whole situation hilarious is the fact, Janeva, the US installed puppet prosecutor whose job was to supposedly tackle crime in the country, was in fact the first suspect in the racketeering scandal that ties all of the SDSM leadership.

Janeva was frequently seen carrying uber expensive LV handbags and totes which we all know is an impossibility on Macedonian salaries.

Better yet, the pleasantly nicknamed prosecutor Vilma #ViRus Ruskoska continues to endlessly ‘investigate’ her close friends (though not all) in the racketeering scandal. It took Ruskoska two months to call in Janeva to issue a statement! First, they had to make sure Janeva doesn’t say something she isn’t suppose to, after all she is not very clever, and as a double guaranty, an SDSM party member who is also a psychologists “diagnosed” Janeva as mentally insane, in case this ends up in Court.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to know where are all those millions of euros stolen from Macedonian businessmen… follow the Louis Vuitton…