While Levica organizes protests, VMRO sellouts admit snake Mijalkov did bribe MPs


Looks like there is a need of creating a specific category at MINA entitled “too little too late” where all the news from the DPNE will be archived.

After their Executive Committee session, Mickoski and Aleksandar London Nikolovski decided to state the obvious, something we’ve been reporting on time and time again.

“The person Sasho Mijalkov did visit numerous VMRO MPs at their homes, offered them bribes and persuaded them to vote for name change in Parliament. He was accompanied by other individuals to further intimidate the MPs” stated A. London Nikolovski. Mickoski went further, stating Mijalkov was closely collaborating with Zaev, his brother Vice Zaev and the SPO to target MPs that would easily crack and make them vote in Parliament.

Now, for those who don’t know the snake Sasho Mijalkov, he has more ties to the mafia than the mafia itself. In addition, he owns dozen residential complexes across Europe, with the majority in Prague. He is also the majority shareholder of the new Marriott Hotel in downtown Skopje, courtesy of his cousin Gruevski.

It is for this reason, the US Ambassador Jess Baily picked Mijalkov to get the “job done”. He has a great deal of authority and people fear him due to his background.

It took the VMRO sellouts to undergo a complete and utter collapse as a political party to admit the obvious!?  But don’t worry, the DPNE did announce in the end they are dedicated to Euro&NATO integration. And no, this isn’t satire, both Mickoski and Nikoloski said this in the end with a straight face. It is as if they have completely lost their mind. This is the same as a rape victim stating in Court she remains dedicated to hooking up with her rapist after the Court proceedings.

Instead of standing up to the fascist who brutalized Macedonian laws and democracy and ordering students on the streets, ordering professors out of Universities and onto streets and bringing the country to a stand still, the imbeciles vow to remain dedicated to Euro-Atlantic integration! This is what your focus is, really?

And while the sellouts are busy admitting what everyone knows, Levica is doing exactly what they said they would. They are organizing protests. This evening around 100 people blocked Parliament and have vowed to do it every day.

Протест пред Собранието

Неколку десетици луѓе изразија револт поради гласањето за промена на Уставот…

Posted by infomax.mk on Monday, October 22, 2018

  • V.M.

    It will sound weird I know, but the VMRO are actually worse than the SDS.
    SDS tell you to your face they will stab you in the back, the VMRO will do it behind closed doors, but in the end they will say “oh yeah, btw we stabbed you in the back”

  • Connie Repopoulos

    I cant believe whats happened to Gruevski’s party, how low they have sunk. What a shame. Macedonia more then ever needs a party for the people and kick these clowns out of the country and turn to Russia for help. screw the EU and Nato, Macedonia does’nt need them