Who if not Germans? New RC model plane flies 462 mph / 744 kmh


A bored German has broken the Guinness world record for fastest RC model plane. The new RC model plane reaches a staggering 462 mph and performs absurd maneuvers while sounding like a Mig fighter jet.

Since I am an RC plane enthusiast myself, watching the performance of this RC model is somewhat upsetting, considering I crashed my RC plane 6 times in a span of 10 minutes while flying roughly 45-60 mph in an open field with nothing around me, not even tall grass.

These sort of planes, depending on the model and speed are very hard to control, at least that’s what I tell people, however there had to be a German guy (Niels Herbrich) who comes up with this beast and flies it like world’s greatest guru at absurd speeds and then lands it perfectly as if nothing happened.

In all seriousness, the control Niels has of this RC ‘fighter jet’ at 462 mph is just astonishing.
Wouldn’t be surprised if this RC model becomes part of Amazon’s “30 second delivery”.

Enjoy the video…