Who is behind the closure of Dnevnik?


The most popular newspaper in Macedonia, with a history spanning nearly three decades closed its doors. There was no announcement, instead a non-announcement announcement of sorts came from other newsportals. This shows that whatever happened at Dnevnik was fast, caught everyone off guard. To say that people were shocked of the news would be an understatement.

I can certainly attest to this, because we were in contact with Dnevnik during our fund drive for our patriots. Nobody at Dnevnik spoke as if they’d lose their jobs the following week.

This brings us to the next question, what happened?
Was the newspaper badly mismanaged, where they running out of funds, not profitable?
Hardly, Dnevnik is, was, one of the more popular newspapers in Macedonia. Just few months ago it earned tens of thousands of euros in advertising from political parties alone, not counting private companies along the likes of Alkaloid, Skopje brewery, Prilep Brewery etc.

Election cycles are cash cows for Macedonian media, millions of euros get spent on advertising alone. With upcoming local elections and even more money coming in their coffers, suddenly Dnevnik closes its doors?


Dnevik was owned by the MPM Group, which in turn is owned by Macedonian millionaire Orce Kamcev, whose buddies include the former British Prime Minister David Cameroon, and multitude of European businessmen. Two years ago Kamcev purchased the largest hospital in Sofia, cash. He owns sports and health facilities in Macedonia (part owner of HC Vardar) which are now expanding their footprint in the region. Kamcev has more cash than he will ever need and could certainly pay the salaries of several journalists at Dnevnik, a newspaper whose profitability we established.

The second owner of MPM is what we consider to be the prototype for a globalist – Srgjan Kerim, the former president of the UN Assembly with major ties to the German Government.

Was Dnevnik’s stance and writing tied to its closure? Dnevnik had two of the most popular journalists in Macedonia – Mirka Velinovska and its chief editor Darko Janevski. The newspaper was known for calling an ace an ace. It frequently blasted the meddling of the US, British and German embassies in the country. It often mocked the hypocrisy of Brussels and its outright fascism towards Macedonia. Prior to the elections, Dnevnik was under huge pressure essentially not to be truthful in their reporting. Dnevnik, of course refused.

Other popular journalist, Milenko Nedelkovski who is today targeted by the Public Prosecutor, previously was censored on Kanal 5 to such an extent that he wasn’t allowed to mention the name of the US Ambassador, or the word “Ambassador” itself!
There is a major war waged to silence not pro-VMRO media, but pro-Macedonia media, the owners of these newspapers were targeted as soon as Zaev was installed.

With SDS in power, something had to be done about Dnevnik, particularly its chief editor Darko Janevski and Mirka Velinovska. But the problem wasn’t just these two. Iskra K, Branko G. and others were also excellent journalists.

This decision came by Orce Kamcev and to a lesser extent Kerim who lives in Germany. Instead of firing everyone, which would have seemed obviously dumb and overly political for a profitable newspaper, Kamcev and Kerim quietly shut it down.
Dnevnik was a thorn in the eye of Zaev’s boss Jess Baily and his vassals for extended time. Had huge readership, which was also a problem for the coup organizers, considering the USAid financed newsportals failed repeatedly within months after going live.

Orce Kamcev has a multimillion dollar business in Macedonia whose smooth operations must continue. We have known Kamcev for 20 years, he changes jersey of the political party that’s in power. When VMRO wins, he wears a red shirt, today, he’s got a blue shirt on. It’s the only way for him to keep his business running without problems. If the price for his businesses to stay out of trouble was to close Dnevnik, which he did, then so be it. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kamcev restarts Dnevnik on a whim when SDS is removed from power.

Finances had nothing to do with it, this was solely a political decision.

  • LXV

    Dnevnik was 4 years short of turning 30, it`s as old as the Macedonian state (1991-2017, RIP)

    I don’t think the newspaper will ever be “resurrected”, if it does then at best it’s gonna end up as a parody of its old self, mainly because people like Mirka, Darko, Branko and Iskra are people of dignity and integrity, not of the kind that is glad to commit oligarch orders with a single phone call

  • V.M.

    I would bet money Kamcev was blackmailed to close it.
    Look at Vecer, Latas is nowhere to be found and hasn’t written anything literally since the day Ivanov gave Zaev the mandate.