Who needs Greece? France & Holland vow to block Macedonia in EU


France and the Netherlands strongly oppose opening of accession negotiations with Macedonia. The same goes for Albania – stated Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias during an international security conference on the Greek island of Rhodes.

The Minister told reporters that, firstly, in the joint letter, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Luxembourg “set the problem of integration” of Macedonia, but also of some other countries, implying to Albania.

– Meanwhile, three of these five countries – Luxembourg, Denmark and Germany, have withdrawn from this group, and they no longer oppose accession talks as strongly, but the other two, the Netherlands and France, are opposed, said Kotzias, pointing out that this is the main conversation with his counterpart from Albania, Ditmir Bushati in Rhodes.

Kotzias isn’t wrong, however it isn’t just France and Holland. the Danish Prime Minister as recently as last week openly stated his country would block Macedonia’s accession talks with Brussels adding “Macedonia can change their name as many times as they like, their name has nothing to do with our opposition to new EU members“.

Apparently no one is relaying this information to Zoran Zaev who first promised NATO and EU membership within a month of name change, and as of yesterday said the wait might be a year or two…

Meanwhile, EU’s leading nations have openly and repeatedly stated no new members until 2025. When discussing new memberships, the only country mentioned in official reports that may join (read absorbed) in the EU is Montenegro. Brussels and NATO prefer absorbing nations with coastlines.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Looking forward to see what sort of name France and Holland want us to have…

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Nothing to do with the name. It is not ours to sell. It belongs to our ancestors and descendants .we are just temporary keepers of the name. Also does it make sense to anyone to sell a name which is thousands of years old for 2 organisations combined of barely 100yrs!

  • Legenda Patriot

    Total bunch of imbeciles. Again what possible benefit is there in us joining the EU or NATO? This makes the Zaev moron look even more ridiculous and a pathetic groveller. The sooner we wipe the floor with him the better.

  • Dj Gnu

    How about: Former Yugoslav Republic Of Apathetics?
    I am amazed how everyone in Macedonia is letting this happen, you people are totally weak willed and do shit about what happens with your country so you deserve it. You go as usual to your coffee shops and talk your bs and politics while your country is being raped politically. The only macedonians that care about the country are those who dont live there. You are pathetic.