Who needs Zaev when you got Mijalkov


Mickoski has apparently developed a stuttering problem, probably after realizing he is a head of a political party that’s now dead, or at the same level as the SDSM – a disease.

But Micko at the DPNE is not even a figurehead, more of a statue. All decisions go through its unofficial head, the traitor’s traitor, Sasho Mijalkov.

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Gruevski’s cousin, Sasho Mijalkov conveniently nicknamed shiptar brought the duffel bag of cash to Krsto Mukoski while the MP was under ‘house arrest’. As Mijalkov persuaded Mukoski to vote in Parliament, as if by miracle Bailly’s Court provided an emergency release allowing the MP to leave his house and vote in Parliament. Mukoski was expelled from the party, but Mijalkov isn’t?

Gruevski’s cousin Sasho Mijalkov brought a duffel bag of cash to Emilija Aleksandrova (cousin of both Gruevski and Mijalkov), pressured her to vote in Parliament. She voted, got expelled from party, but Mijalkov isn’t?

Gruevski’s cousin Sasho Mijalkov brought a duffel bag of cash to MP Arnaudov, pressures him to vote in Parliament. He votes, gets expelled from party, but Mijalkov isn’t?

This went on for each MP, the DPNE was very aware that one of their most influential individuals is undermining the country. Sasho Mijalkov was the main recruiter. The SPO dropped all charges only against him, because Jess Baily needed him for his authority during the recruitment process / cash deliveries.

The irony is that DPNE MPs were kept in prison and then house arrest in order to break them down (jail+cash) for allegedly subverting the Constitution on April 27th. Then, this Constitution breaking MPs get released 2 hours before the vote, so they can vote on changing the Constitution!? This would be like hiring a pedofile to take care of your kids while you’re going on a business trip abroad.

We encourage the DPNE to erase their name from Macedonia’s registrar of political parties. For this treasonous party to be using such a glorious name is truly shameful.

  • Jole

    They should be PERMANENTLY erased, I’m surprised they are still on this planet and breathing.

  • Tony

    Scums scums scums
    Easily bought prostitutes.

  • Maco

    I do not understand how these traitors think that they can betray their country and their people and continue living as if their treachery will not catch up with them. Some day it will. I hope it will be sooner rather than later. I have read the comments on mickoski’s and vmro-dpmne’s facebook and I am surprised some Macedonians still support them. Some people just don’t know how to see the truth playing out in front of them. Interestingly mickoski and dpmne no longer use the the mantra, Macedonia will win. Its also not surprising that my truthful comments posted on their facebook is promptly deleted.