Why was Gaddafi murdered by NATO? (US/UK/France)

  1. Libya had no electricity bill, electricity came free of charge to all citizens.
  2. There were no interest rates on loans, the banks were state-owned, the loan of citizens by law was 0%.
  3. Gaddafi promised not to buy a house for his parents until everyone in Libya owns a home.
  4. All newlywed couples in Libya received 60,000 dinars from the government & because of that they bought their own apartments & started their families.
  5. Education & medical treatment in Libya was free. Before Gaddafi there were only 25% readers, 83% during his reign
  6. The cost of fuel was $0.15c per liter. Today, it is $1.50/liter.
  7. Gaddafi refused to use the US dollar in trade, as the currency is not backed by anything, the US Government simply prints trillions of it, out of thin air.

Gaddafi made the western world look like a slave camp, and Libya was a ‘terrible’ example for Western Governments. So they murdered him.