WikiLeaks reveals Traitor Nikola Dimitrov has been a US Operative since 2008


A Wikileaks cable from CIA operative and former US Ambassador Philip Reeker (currently stationed in Italy, overseeing Macedonia’s name change operations from there) became available to the public.

In his 2008 confidential report to the US State Department (OTI division) Reeker seeks protection for his mole in the Macedonian Government – Nikola Dimitrov

Who brought Dimitrov out of obscurity and made him Macedonia’s Foreign Minister to sign the name change? Baily’s boss, Philip Reeker.  As the sayings goes, as you sow, so shall you reap.

Below is Reeker’s cable to the State Department.


1. (C) Summary: The Macedonian leadership — PM Gruevski and President Crvenkovski — are deadlocked on how to proceed with the name talks with Greece, name negotiator Dimitrov told the Ambassador Sept. 30. UN Negotiator Nimetz will reportedly present a “take it or leave it” proposal to both sides Oct 6-7 in New York, but Dimitrov believes neither Athens nor Skopje will be able to accept it, and the talks will then likely be broken off for some time. Gruevski and Crvenkovski’s bitter feud may have softened somewhat with Crvenkovski agreeing Oct 3 to participate in an Oct 6 meeting with the major political parties to coordinate prior to the New York meetings. End summary.

The Deep Freeze —————-

2. (C) The GoM’s chief negotiator on the name issue, Nikola Dimitrov, told the Ambassador Sept. 30 that President Crvenkovski and PM Gruevski are deadlocked over how to proceed with these negotiations. Dimitrov said the two have fundamentally different approaches and could barely speak to each other during a tense “coordination meeting” the previous day. The two leaders have escalated their already scathing rhetoric about each other in the press, Crvenkovski accusing Gruevski of abdicating his responsibility to pursue the negotiations seriously, with Gruevski responding that the President is essentially manufacturing a controversy to improve his political standing leading up to the end of his term this spring, after which it is expected that he will once again become leader of the main opposition party, the Social Democrats (SDSM). The tone may have improved somewhat Oct 3, when Crvenkovski announced he would participate in a meeting with the major party leaders on Oct 6 to coordinate on the name negotiations.

3. (C) These scathing press duels follow a tense week of speculation on events at the UNGA, which Crvenkovski and FonMin Milososki attended, but Gruevski did not. The PM and his advisors were furious when Crvenkovski excluded Milososki from his meeting with Nimetz, and proceeded to taunt the President, essentially daring him to come home with a deal on the name which would then be put to a referendum (the subtext being that Gruevski would ensure its failure and humiliate Crvenkovski).
Dimitrov (please protect) told the Ambassador in strict confidence that Milososki had refused Nimetz’s request to meet separately during the UNGA. (While we have not sought to confirm this with Nimetz, if true this calls into question Gruevski’s seriousness in pursuing a solution.) Take It or Leave It Proposal —————————

4. (C) Dimitrov reported that Nimetz told him that he will present a final package very soon as a “take it or leave it” deal for capitals to consider. (Dimitrov told us Oct. 1 that Nimetz has called for a meeting in New York for Oct. 7.) Dimitrov added that, according to Nimetz, Greek FonMin Bakoyannis viewed Nimetz’s latest proposal as entirely unacceptable to Greece, primarily on the issues of scope of use of a new name and the use of “Macedonian” as the adjective to describe national identity. Dimitrov had little hope that Athens would find another Nimetz proposal acceptable, and that the current political stalemate here would preclude any serious consideration in Skopje. He predicted this would lead to a prolonged pause in negotiations. In recent previous discussions with us, Dimitrov has told us that Nimetz is frustrated and confessed to be “running out of ideas.”

Deep Divisions Over Macedonia’s Future ————————————–

5. (C) Dimitrov told us he believes Gruevski and Crvenkovski have a fundamentally different view of the negotiations and, more importantly, Macedonia’s future. Dimitrov portrays the President as believing the country has a bleak future if it is not a NATO and EU member, thus he believes the GoM must quickly make deal on the name in order to integrate as quickly as possible. Crvenkovski also believes Macedonia must enlist the aid of the international community in the negotiation process, and in order to do so must be seen as being willing to compromise on the name, as long as the country’s dignity and identity remain intact.

6. (C) Dimitrov sees Gruevski as more motivated by the fear of going SKOPJE 00000606 002 OF 002 down in history as the leader who lost Macedonia’s name and identity; these are more crucial than Euro-Atlantic integration. Dimitrov opined that Gruevski believes Macedonia can survive and even prosper without NATO and EU membership. Dimitrov professed to be deeply concerned that Macedonia’s e-Albanian community will rapidly become dissatisfied with the lack of movement toward these Western institutions and that interethnic tensions will rise, perhaps rapidly. Comment: A Future Without NATO and EU? ——————————————— ———-

7. (C) It is generally known that Dimitrov is closer to Crvenkovski. Following quarrels with Gruevski some months ago he has always been accompanied by Gruevski’s COS in meetings with Nimetz. It cannot be said that he is a dispassionate observer. Nonetheless, his analysis of the President and the PM’s differing perspectives is consistent with that of many other contacts. There is some evidence that the Gruevski government is laying the groundwork for preparing the Macedonian people for remaining outside the Alliance and the EU for some years to come. Among others, Milososki has made public statements to the effect that the country will thrive outside these organizations even as others in the region — Albania, Serbia, Kosovo — move forward, arguing that their membership in these institutions will also stabilize Macedonia. We have continued to press the point publicly and privately that Macedonia’s future lies inside these organizations; any other path will bring significant risks. 8. (C) We should not underestimate the role that political ambition and personal animosity are playing in this dispute. Since Gruevski’s VMRO-DPMNE swept to power in 2006, he and Crvenkovski have chafed under an at best uneasy state of cohabitation. With the prospect of a possible “take it or leave it” proposal on the near horizon, we are at a critical stage of this lengthy process.


  • Tony

    I believe that the country will do a lot better without these institutions,and if the Albanians don’t like it then they can fuck off to there devil land.
    I like the way you put it in the article

    • JPM RE

      Piss off the Albanians and “Northern Macedonia” will cease to exist. I suggest you tread carefully and work with the Albanians, who happen to be the only entity which accepts your name, language, and church.

      • Legenda Patriot

        Excuse me! What the hell do we owe the Albanians. They are meddling in our country’s political system with the intent of destroying our identity. Let’s see how that would work if the roles were reversed. We have stinking illegally installed Albanian speaker in this corrupt f.ckwit Govt who speaks Albanian and only Macedonian when it suits him. What a disgusting perverted situation!

        • JPM RE

          So are you saying Albanians are not citizens of Macedonia? They should have no right to vote or to present politicians to represent them? What exactly would you like to do with the Albanians? Deny them representation? Or would you like to outlaw the Albanian language? Im not sure you’ve thought this through. Give me your vision of how it should be.

          • V.M.

            shiptars are 15% of the population… and deserve as much as rights as the Macedonians have in albania.

          • JPM RE

            While we can argue if the number of Albanians in Macedonia is only 15%, or upwards of 30%, the Macedonian population in Albania is extremely small. However, I absolutely support their right to organize, be represented, and have the ability to partake in the political system as Ethnic Macedonian minority.

          • Goran Stavreski

            I like when greek morons comment on albanians… yet 60% of Athens is actually albanians.

          • Liberty

            If your concerned about the freedom and liberty of the Albanian citizens of Macedonia, I think the answer would be “same formula across the boarder”. If you really believe in a free country for your kinsman, wouldn’t it be equally fair to say the the Macedonians living in Albania should receive the same social status and benefits. As well as the other neighboring countries.. the reality is not so! What the Albanians enjoy in Macedonia is not what Macedonians have in Albania. Therefore when you cry foul or persecution, its simply not true, therefore its a lie! It’s clear as day that the motive in the Albanian conscience is malicious. The truth is plain as day. I would love to see otherwise!

          • JPM RE

            Liberty, Im good with that. In fact I think all of the Balkan countries should adopt an identical policy towards all minorities. The minorities of all countries should have the exact same rights in all neighboring countries. Complete Reciprocity on a region basis. Representation in parliament should be strictly based on population size. Schools, languages, national symbols should absolutely not be denied under any circumstances.

      • Tony

        What drugs are you on moron,
        most Albanians in Macedonia are from Kosovo and have not contributed a fucken single thing but take and demand.
        I suggest you go back and learn your avrantike lingo so you can communicate with you pedophile Islamic brothers.

        • Nathan Pusey

          I suggest you learn some basic English, momche.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Totally agree. What hope is there that someone will have the political strength to clean up this filthy mess, get rid of the scum, internal and external meddlers.

  • V.M.

    Dimitrov being a US agent is not the surprise here, to me more important is the fact where Reeker admits of Miloshoski being a patriot that cannot be bought. It’s why Antonio was not allowed to be nominated as a head of DPNE, they needed a prostitute and put Mickoski instead.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Dpmne is dead. Milososki and other patriots need to form a party the majority of ethnic Macedonians support.
    Albanians have 3 countries they can freely call themselves Albanian. Why do they need to support the destruction of the Macedonian majority. All they will gain is slavery to eu banksand debt. They just don’t know it yet.

  • Goran Stavreski

    If this traitor was a citizen of normal country, they’d be fitting him for an electric chair. Now you know why the Russians refused this dog to be the Macedonian Ambassador to Russia.

  • Nathan Pusey

    “As the sayings goes, may Dimitrov reap what he sow.” English does have some basic rules that serve both to effectuate and actualize discourse, preferably of a civil sort. Please make some attempt to learn English if you wish to think you want to write in English, sort of.