Will Zaev turn against DUI after elections?


According to “Magazin” news site, Zoran Zaev is planning to cut DUI out of his ruling coalition and is approaching both the Alliance of Albanians and BESA to replace the Albanian terrorist organization with an extensive track record of corruption.

Zaev asked for a meeting with the leaders of the two opposition Albanian parties Ziadin Sela (AA) and Bilal Kasami (BESA), ostensibly to ask for their support for his presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski in the second round of elections.

SDS and DUI badly underperformed in the first round even with the ballot stuffing, losing 2/5 of their 2017 vote totals, which prompted an open fight between DUI and the Albanian controlled SDS represented by Muhamed Zekiri. According to Magazin, some in SDS believe that Zaev’s ending his coalition with DUI would hopefully be seen as an anti-corruption move.

The DPNE on the other hand is already cozying up to DUI.