Wiring money to Macedonia? You’re wiring 15% to Zaev


Over 30,000 people in Macedonia have had their telephone conversations recorded with over 5 million recordings. But these conversations are safe with Zaev and used to blackmail any public official, businessman or individual, so you got nothing to worry about.

Since it’s all about safety, the criminal junta in Macedonia on Thursday passed a law giving the UJP and DBK 100% access to all bank accounts in the country. The law was passed on Friday and received zero coverage across Macedonia’s USAid bought media.

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The reasoning used for this move is the junta wanted to ‘assist’ the public and will have the UJP automatically create your tax forms visa-vi how much you owe. The new law introduced a 15% tax on your savings within your Bank accounts. It gets better. Any wire or transaction coming into your Bank account is subject to the same tax.

If your wife or daughter simply transfers money from theirs to your account (even within the same bank), it’s considered income which leads to “profit” which is subject to the 15% tax.
In other words, you will need to explain each transaction to the UJP because if you don’t, you’ll be taxed on all of it.

Zaev’s UJP team released a statement, somehow not mentioning the tax, but focusing on alleged new technologies that exist for decades, and we quote: “With the latest changes to the banking laws, we guarantee higher safe keeping of your data with latest technology which encrypts your data“.

Macedonian banks have had their data encrypted for 20+ years, it’s the first requirement for any Bank to be included in SWIFT. The only thing that changed is your personal and financial info is no longer private information and your savings are taxed.