Wishful thinking? Mickoski hopes for Macedonia without political prostitutes


DPNE’s leader Hristijan Mickoski today, through Facebook responded to those, as he said, who sell their unilateral capitulation as sort of triumph, the lie as truth, and the inability and lack of governance as a future for the country.

-I am for the future, a future in which Macedonia will be lead by principled, honest people, not anxious politicians, a future in which politicians seeking a bribe will go to jail, a future in which a brother politician will not give 100s of acres of Government land to his brother a businessman, a future in which we will not be at the bottom of economic growth, reforms in the judiciary, education, health and welfare, a future in which hardened criminals will not be amnestied and pose proudly photographed with politicians in power, a future where we the people will not be prostituted as a nation because of incompetent and blackmailed politicians in the government, a future in which the ministers do not give millions in grants to cousins and friends, and the prime minister will forgive them with a sterile absurd explanation that he can not fire them because he has no one left to work with, a future in which my students, instead of saying goodbye to me after defending their thesis they will consult me ​​in which plant and place they will accept position right here at home, a future in which my homeland will not hold a record for the number of dead infants in Europe, a future in which my sons will proudly read the historical workbooks and remember the heroic feats of Goce, Dame, Jane, Ilinden, Panko, Cento, Pavel, the partisans, but also those in front those ahead of them, and we will not idle quietly because someone wanted to make us a tree without root, people without a past and a tradition, a state without history.
I can write for a long time about what kind of future I am for and how I see the future of my homeland, but it is my generation’s battle to defeat you the mercenaries and the remnants of the transition so that my Macedonia can breath a sigh of relief, dignified as it always has been …, wrote Mickoski on Facebook two days ahead of Ilinden.