With DPNE now history, Levica announces public uprising against Jess Baily’s fascist Government junta


What happened in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia was only a theatrical play where the tyranny of political elites once again showed its ugly face masked as “democracy”!

Individuals from both criminal political associations of SDSM and DPMNE, who are today in the Macedonian Parliament, allegedly as public representatives, after the failed referendum on “Northern Macedonia” have no longer any legitimacy to decide on changing the constitutional name of the Republic against the will of the people , writes in its Declaration Levica.

“Political corruption can not produce legitimate decisions that will represent the will of the people! Corrupt MPs, due to their criminal records, are susceptible to blackmail and bribe additionally sabotaging their political ability to independently and, in accordance with the will of the people, make legitimate decisions in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia today is an occupied, captive state, and the behind-the-scenes anti-democratic games of both political criminal hordes serve one and the same master – capital and money.

They (DPMNE) make noise, act as fake opposition, but when it comes time for the implementation of the vassal fascist decisions of their imperial masters, which the people explicitly refused, these structures – through mutual protection and behind closed doors – decide the fate of the people in accordance with requests by the occupier. Therefore, references and calls for rule of law and established standards and procedures no longer make sense, because this deregulated governing mafia has placed all authorities under its control and deals with political opponents using the apparatus of state coercion and repression.

Because of this, we call for massive civil resistance against all those involved in this constitutional-political crisis and its future overcoming by ultimately fulfilling the following requirements:

● Unconditional suspension of the unconstitutional and illegal government initiative for changing the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and annulment of the rejected so-called. “Prespa Agreement”;

● Urgent dissolution of Parliament and scheduling early parliamentary elections;

● Forming a transitional technical government with a limited mandate solely for fair and democratic elections, writes Levica in the Declaration of Resistance.

Levica announces that the party will return to the streets in the future and will use all parliamentary and non-parliamentary ways of political struggle in order to restore the kidnapped sovereignty of the people.

The party announces that mass anti-government protests will be organized under the motto of the #People’s-Self-Defense (#NarodnaSamoodbrana), in front of Parliament, where the grave diggers of ASNOM are sitting.

Resistance is our duty, wrote the Presidium of “Levica”.