Witness in “Talir” case gets 6.4m EUR Government contract


The Bitola-based construction company “Pelister” won a tender for excavation of coal and tailings within REK Bitola worth 6.4 million euros by AD ESM.

The contract was signed on September 4, and was submitted to the Public Procurement Bureau and was published yesterday, ie on the same day when the owner of the construction company Siljan Micevski testified in the “Talir” case.

Pelister wins the tender for excavation in two bids, one of which is 105 denars and the second of 95.7 denars per kilojoule of energy. The duration of the contract is one year.

Previously, the company of the popular Bitola businessman reached an excavation agreement with REK Bitola in May last year and it was worth 776 million denars. The previous regular was in July 2018 and was worth 377 million denars.