WMC’s Todor Petrov gets funding from US Embassy for 2nd Referendum


Todor Petrov will not be visiting Australia to seek donations for the process of collecting signatures in order to initiate a second anti-Macedonian referendum.

Finances for the dozens of activists and the entire operation has been provided by the US Embassy (Jess Bailey and Mitko Burchevski aka Agent Tesla) – reported Milenko Nedelkovski on his FB page. Zaev will provide logistics assistance in the field with assistance from the Macedonian secret police (UBK).

The main goal of Petrov and his organization calling itself “World Macedonian Congress” is to overthrow the people’s will expressed in the Referendum on September 30th.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Flush this turd down the sewer where it belongs. Enough stupidity from these corrupt bastards!

  • Lena

    I sent a Facebook post today to World Macedonian Congress – Australia seeking an explanation. Waiting to see how they reply. Hopefully they don’t delete it and block me. If they do then I know it is all true. They can’t run away from the story though.

    • Tony

      Let us know how it goes Lena.

      • Lena

        Tony if I get a reply I will let you know. I dont expect to get one. This news report is damning. Not sure what they can say except it is lies and false. Thats what the guilty generally say.

        • Legenda Patriot

          Stinking scum, oxygen thieves. Weed them out. Expose them for what they are to the world. Pisshead Pijanca eden. Mochko!!!

      • Lena

        Tony, the World Macedonian Congress – Australia have deleted my posts and blocked me so I can’t make any more posts.

        • Tony

          Your kidding right!!!

        • Goran Stavreski

          The WMC needs to be flushed down the toilet.

  • Billy

    Velinovska warned about Petrov and the WMC two months ago, that Petrov was recruited to initiate the second Referendum.
    The WMC needs to be removed by the Aussies, as for Petrov… this drunk fool is what it is… a broiler.

  • neutrinoz

    Question arises why they need 2-nd (3,4, …) referenduN so eagerly. Is it because they won the battle and will loose da war?

    • MINA

      They did the same thing to Denmark and Ireland few years ago when the EU didn’t like the outcome of their Referendum. Immediately pushed for a second vote. The British, are 99.99% likely to have a 2nd vote on their Brexit.
      “Vote until result satisfies their agenda”.