Woman who stole Groupon and called it Grouper nominated for Macedonia’s Finance Minister


Intellectual property? Not in Macedonia. Country’s to be finance minister is Nina Angelovska, a dubious business woman who is behind the website Grouper.mk, an e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering them coupons.

Nina Angelovska may be in a world of trouble now that she will become a public face. The reason is her website Grouper founded in 2013, is an exact copy of the world famous US based Groupon.com (6000 employees) founded in 2008.

Angelovska and her team didn’t even bother to change the colors/font/logo and layout of the platform. It’s all the same.

In fact, many Macedonian Americans were and some still are under the impression that Grouper is an affiliate of Groupon. Some, like MINA’s Marija Nikolovska recently quipped “I am surprised that Groupon would bother with an office in Macedonia”. Well, no, the two are not connected, even though they look alike and provide the same service.

Groupon’s attorneys will be quite busy with Grouper and Macedonia’s Finance Minister Nina Angelovska in the coming months.

  • V.M.

    If Groupon had heard of Grouper, there would have been a major lawsuit already and shutting down of Grouper. Clearly they haven’t heard of it… but they will now.

  • Legenda Patriot

    I hope they sue the arse off the retarded bitch! Stupid oxygen thief! Wtf was she even thinking with that half brain?