YouTube is funded by Big Pharma, yet people are shocked by censorship!?


A new YouTube policy has extended its censorship rules for what they call as “COVID-19 vaccine misinformation” to include all “misinformation around other vaccines including the flu shot, the HPV vaccine, and the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. YouTube will also ban other prominent anti-vaccine accounts including Joseph Mercola, Sherri Tenpenny, and the Children’s Health Defense.

According to Matt Halprin, YouTube’s vice president of global trust and safety, the decision came after the platform saw that “misinformation around all vaccines could contribute to mistrust around the COVID-19 vaccine”.

Considering the fact, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook… are all US based companies, whose advertising profits are solely tied to the very companies who pay for these advertisements, why is the censorship surprising to anyone?

90+% of the adverts and commercials on US based media comes from Big Pharma. Which means, the platforms (YouTube, Facebook…) will do just about anything to protect their profits and investors. As an example, Google has punished MINAReport about 30 times in the past three years. They asked us to remove specific articles (which they didn’t like), we didn’t oblige and Google removed (delisted) about 1,000 articles to teach us a lesson!

Did we learn the lesson? Of course we didn’t.