Zaev: 10% increase for pensioners. Pensioners: He is full of sh!t


Pensioners will receive huge pension increase next year, based on economic growth, promised SDS leader Zoran Zaev at Sturday’s debate in Stip within the hilariously named “On the Right Path” campaign, answering a question of a pensioner, who asked him why pensions were not increased by 10% as promised in the election campaign.

We can’t just waste money because elections are coming. The first policy is to stabilize the pension fund… Now there are legal mechanisms and with the growth of the economy, pensions will also grow. As soon as the analysis is done on a sound basis there will be an increase as never seen before in absolute numbers, Zaev said to subdued laughter in the audience.

It will follow in the same way as when it was decided to increase pensions earlier this year based on last year’s growth.

Zaev continued by announcing that next year (election year) there will be 100,000 denars for the specialists and 500 euros average salary.

  • Legenda Patriot

    The pensioners should have strangled the prick while he was there.