Zaev admits SDS and DPNE are working together…


The debate between Zaev and Mickoski was quite interesting for a lot of people. It will surely reduce the votes for DPNE even further, not because Zaev won the debate, Zaev wouldn’t win a debate against a toddler, but because Mickoski kept admitting that DPNE and SDS work together in Parliament and are always in coordination.

Mickoski: “Mr Zaev needs to be honest and state that instead of the 20 days which are lawfully given to conduct a census, we increased it to 25 days, this was my initiative, I gave it at the leadership meeting”.

Keep in mind that six months ago, Mickoski gathered 100,000 signatures against holding what he himself called a “fraudulent census”.

Zaev: “Whatever it was needed, our local chapters are coordinated. The citizens should know this, because of the agendas, and everything…”