Zaev already letting migrants in Macedonia


SVR Strumica confirmed an incident when a large Iveco truck carrying migrants from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka hit a fence attached to a bridge, causing the truck to overturn. The driver escaped from the scene after the accident.

2 migrants died, the rest were injured. Eleven of the injured were transferred to the Clinical Hospital in Stip and six to the General Hospital in Radovish.

According to the police, there are indications that the number of migrants in the freight vehicle was higher, but that they fled after the accident.

The auto moto alliance of Macedonia said that the traffic was normalized for passenger vehicles, but not for heavy goods vehicles and buses.

According to our sources, there are hundreds of migrants already in Macedonia who have entered illegally during June with border police looking the other way.

  • Legenda Patriot

    This is total madness! What the hell is going on? Our country is being trashed by these criminal arsewipes in this illegal Govt. Clean them up now.

  • jj

    I guess Macedonian taxpayers foot the hospital bills for the injured. And what about the dead – are they buried in Macedonia or does Macedonia have to pay to fly them back to their home countries?