Zaev and Pendarovski secretly meet with Soros, get instructions how to stay in power


Yesterday at Ohrid Airport there was much congestion, blocked streets, police on every street corner, presence of the secret service. VIP treatment, expensive cars, and a private jet at Ohrid Airport for a group of passengers who arrived and settled at the Junik Hotel in Ohrid. However, none of this applied to the trilateral meeting between Murtino’s Zaev, Vucic and Rama.

Two and a half Men

Macedonian media reports the over the top security isn’t for Vucic or Rama, instead, for the son of controversial businessman George Soros, Alexander Soros, who was accompanied by four associates and has steadily taken over operations from his father.

Alex Soros had secret meetings with Macedonia’s top officials: SDS leader Zoran Zaev and Stevo – Stoka Pendarovski. The meeting was not reported by Government run state agency, private media, nor the Government officials – which makes sense, it was suppose to be a secretive meeting.

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According to unofficial information obtained by Skopje based media, Alex Soros and his associates Zach Graham, Laura Dilber – communications and propaganda officer for the Soros Network, Thomas Obrayan and Gibson arrived in Ohrid.

Unofficially, the topics of the secret meeting were:

  • Abuse of Soros funds previously given to the government, which were used through dubious channels and without visible results.

The insiders say a long period of internal scrutiny has been carried out in the Soros Organization and a follow-up to possible misuse of financial resources by senior officials in Macedonia.

  • Define a network of corrupt media and influential figures who should help Zaev’s government in the run-up to the elections, especially as the alarm was triggered by opinion polls showing Zaev’s defeat. As part of this effort, Alex Soros and his associate had defined a financial package worth 20m euros that will be given to Zaev’s “network” to help him stay in power and is intended for purchasing votes.

It is possible that Alex Soros has met with Edi Rama as part of his trip, considering Rama is a Soros’ recruit, however, there is no information whether this occurred.