Zaev announces referendum dates on Greek State TV


Zaev dished out more humiliation for the Macedonian people. Instead of announcing his treason on Macedonian TV, following in the footsteps during the name negotiations, he once again announces all issues on Greek national television. In addition, the questions that will be asked during this fraudulent referendum are classic manipulation, something that we’ve already reported on.

Greek citizens have exclusivity and first learned that the question for the referendum in a way has nothing to do with the name change, as we had predicted. To Zaev’s handlers, it’s more important to get attendance so they can easily fix the results. In addition, the question as you will see below, has nothing to do with changing the name, instead the focus is if the public wishes to join EU and NATO, despite the fact both organizations are nearing their collapse.

In an interview with the Greek national television ERT 1, Zaev reveals how the referendum question would sound.

“I am convinced, the nation will be FOR “the agreement with Greece because the question is likely to be “Are you for the European Union and NATO and support the agreement with Greece? ” Probably in that direction it will be because one of the other things is related to us and from this aspect citizens when they cast their vote, politicians, the government, the parliament, the president of the state are obliged to respect it. Or maybe the question will be “Are you for the European Union and NATO supporting the name Republic of Northern Macedonia?”, Because it is the agreement. I believe that citizens will be completely positive, Zaev said in an interview with Greek television.

Zaev noted that three dates are in the game for the referendum in Macedonia – September 23, September 30 or October 7.