Zaev: As a US protectorate we’ll accept fleeing Afghans who sold their country


The leader of Macedonia’s narco business, Zoran Zaev said Sunday that Macedonia has informed the United States it stands ready to help in saving lives of US collaborators in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is facing a possible humanitarian catastrophe and that is why we, the Government, have informed our strategic partner the United States that we are ready to assist in accordance with our capabilities and needs. In order to save the lives of the local population, we informed that we are ready to accept Afghan civilians, who have been working for peace in that country for the past 20 years, were local support to allied NATO forces, including our army, as well as to accept activists from democratic humanitarian organizations and human rights organizations in Afghanistan, read Zaev a statement that has been prepared for him by the US Embassy.

We are a country of solidarity, our people and our society have always given support and help, just as we have received help during major disasters, Zaev said.

Not that this matters, but Zaev has No constitutional right to decide whether Macedonia will house anyone. No vote has taken place in Parliament. Macedonia at the moment has no functioning police (anything goes), can’t even provide drinking water to Tetovo, Struga, Gevgelija… It has zero capacity.

Great Albania, aka Albania, Kosovo and Northistan are the only three US protectorates in Europe who will take Afghans. No other country in Europe has agreed to do the same. In addition, America’s fourth protectorate Canada and its Sub Music teacher Justin Trudeau has also agreed to take in the Afghan army.

Who is Prime Minister Kate Byrnes bringing in Macedonia? Not a single woman or children…. In fact, majority of the “civilians” are now confirmed to be Afghan deserters and militia.