Zaev asked VP Pence for US Army protection to change the name


Behind the scenes of NATO’s meeting in Podgorica, the leader of Macedonia’s junta Zoran Zaev asked the Americans to support a sham referendum to change the name because he is afraid of unrest. This required American troops to guard Zaev and the SDS leadership.

Zaev met in Podgorica behind closed doors with America’s Vice President Michael Pence presented the plan to change the name Macedonia, Sputnik learns, from a source close to the Macedonian delegation. Similarly to the fraudulent elections of 2016, the US and EU will automatically recognize the sham referendum.

Zaev before Pence presented several proposals for a new name for Macedonia, which in the future could be called “Upper Macedonia”, “Northern Macedonia” or “Republic of Macedonia – (Skopje)”. Zaev was not interested in what the name will be, as he had pointed out, he is tasked only with changing it.

-As we learn, Pence informed Zaev that Greece agrees with some of the proposed proposals, writes “Sputnik”.

  • Its Just Me

    I have a name proposal, let us rename ZAEV in ZAEBAV

  • Goran Stavreski

    Samo srebren metak e reshenie.

  • Wolf

    Looks like the US soldiers are gonna have to kill some inecent Macedonians to justify their point of View. And , NATO is all thumbs up ok with it.
    The unrest in the Bulkans looks like its all instigated buy the US and now NATO HAVE to join in.

    And i used to look at NATO being the piece maker…

    So sad.
    Hope children dont get caught in the cross fire of stupidity.

  • ZK

    Da ste seriozen medium ke ima kontakt informacii, e-mail najmalku! A vakvi kvazi novinari kako vas se nakoteni ko bubasvabi. I daj boze da se smeni imeto i da mrnime napred, a vie glavata izvadete ja od zadnikot i pocnete da ja upotrebuvate za toa sto e nameneta!