Zaev blames daily protests on “Russians”, hopes US can survive Trump


The US Ambassador has instructed Macedonia’s idiot in charge Zoran Zaev to blame “Russians” for daily protests against Zaev’s criminal junta. This is the last playing card of the US Deep State’s factory of stupidity, as witnessed around the world.

In a recent interview for BuzzFeed, Zaev stated that the protests in Macedonia are ‘financed and inspired’ by Russians. Since our memory serves us well, this very line was uttered by Montenegro’s president Milo Djukanovic each time he faced protesters.

Zaev, who is yet to utter a coherent thought, showed his diplomatic skills yet again during his BuzzFeed interview. At first there a praise of sorts for Trump and asked him to help Macedonia to change its name during the upcoming referendum, but just twenty seconds into the interview (two paragraphs down), Zaev attacks Trump for being a threat to the US (a threat to Zaev’s sponsors). However, Americans shouldn’t worry…. Zaev concludes that the US institutions are strong enough to survive someone like Trump.

As for the Russians, they are around every corner in Macedonia and are egging (but also paying) Macedonians to protest against Zaev. It’s not the massive corruption, daily (unresolved) murders, pardoning of 800 hardened criminals and terrorists, selling out the country… it’s the Russians.

Below is Zaev’s interview with Buzzfeed:

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  • Goran Stavreski

    Buzzfeed is the fake news platform that poublished the fake anti-Trump dossier.