Zaev caught lying for the 2578th time: “Yes, we paved your street”


Zaev sparred with an old lady at a bizarre event attended by Gjorche Petrov mayor Naumovski where both SDS officials boasted about paving a local road with asphalt.

The problem is, both Naumovski and Zaev lied, the road was not paved and “grandma Persa” called them on it. The cameras were there to capture it all.

The SDS low life forms, who apparently have less than zero decency simply called a press conference to lie to the public about their work in improving the infrastructure in the Skopje suburb of Gjorce Petrov. The press conference was ‘attended’ by SDS cronies, however grandma Persa heard about it and decided to show up.

The elder Gjorce Petrov resident skewers both Zaev and mayor Naumovski, catching both by surprise … “who sent her here, this was suppose to be (our) people” could’ve been one of the thoughts that ran through the SDS crew. When Zaev tried to answer a question about the unpaved road, grandma Persa intterupts him and tells him “it’s the mayor’s job to answer that question, not yours”.

What makes Zaev Zaev is the fact that despite being grilled and humiliated in front of camera, he simply continues to lie stating the road was indeed paved. To prove that Zaev is lying, grandma Persa (already a social media sensation), took a TV crew to the street who filmed the dirt road.

Кој лаже?Премиерот, градоначалникот или госпоѓа Перса? 🙂

Posted by Furkan Saliu on Thursday, December 5, 2019
  • Legenda Patriot

    This is standard mode of operating for an arrogant imbecile and has been right from the start. How he continues to steal oxygen is nothing short of amazing. Testament to the corrupt perverted meddlers who are feeding this putrid scum. Time for a cleansing!

  • V.M.

    What I don’t understand is… how do you say, “the street is paved” when people can actually drive to the street in a minute and see it it’s still a dirt road…. A cat would do a better job than this psycho.

    • Legenda Patriot

      This is the arrogance of this peder who is being propped up by the external meddling pricks!

  • Golden shekels

    i think turmp siad he will fix it