Zaev charges FC Vardar 35,000 euros in rent per European match


The Philip II arena built by the Macedonian Government roughly three years ago is managed by the Association of Builing and Management – a Governmental body tasked to manage all properties built by the Government, including sports stadiums.

Macedonian football champ FC Vardar has been using the same stadium for 70 years.
Last year’s rent the team paid for the home championship was 1,100 euros/match. With the arrival of the new Government, FC Vardar has received new fees.

For the home matches, the prices are increased from 1,100 euros to 3,000/match. While for the European championship, the SDS led Government is charging FC Vardar a whopping 35,000 euros/match.

As a result, FC Vardar is already in talks and has received green light from Karposh mayor Stevce Jakimovski to build a new football stadium.

Zaev is a self proclaimed fan of Shkendija.