Zaev closes “Macedonian wines” Airport store, not to offend Greek FM Kotzias


The Macedonian wines store located at the Skopje airport has been identified as a problem for the Greek state officials who checked out airport prior to Kotzias’ arrival. An intervention from the hosts was requested, that is, this shop should be closed during Kotzias’ two day stay in the country.

What appeared to be a problem and what immediately got to the eyes of the Greeks is the name and of course the fact that the store sold Macedonian wines.

Zaev agreed with the request, in addition the Macedonian junta will cover the name with a cloth to ensure no Greek official is offended. The irony is the Greek delegation will arrive through the VIP section of the Airport and will never pass or be near the “Macedonian Wines” store.

  • Its Just Me

    Ups… then I guess there will be no meeting with Kozijas..?
    He was supposed to meet the macedonian prime minister, but we had to.. close him.. too bad..

    Hope they do not keep Zaev closed even after Kozijas leaves

  • Its Just Me

    Ivanov should just ask Putin for help to end this nonsense in Macedonia..
    Russia always has our back, thank God for it..
    Lets invite Putin over.. We will certainly OPEN MORE STORES :)))

    • George


  • V.M.

    Do the Vlachs in Athens know it’s not good karma to take advantage of mentally retarded people, in this case Zaev?

  • Legenda Patriot

    Such pathetic grovelling! End the circus now!!! Send the clown back to the tent!

  • jj

    Macedonia has longed gained a reputation for good wines. It is not right to remove these wines.

  • George

    What a disgrace by Zaev!!!! Remove him