Zaev continues to release criminals and terrorists from jail


The SDS led puppet Government in Macedonia continues to release narco traffickers and terrorists who were behind bars thanks to great deal of police work by the previous Government.

The SDS appears to be releasing “their own” criminals who were known to provide funds to the former communist party for years. Namely, Kondovo terrorist Agim Krasniqi who in 2001 was attempting to fire cannons into downtown Skopje wasquietly released on September 5th.

Major narco boss Bajrush Sejdiu was released from prison after spending 6 years in prison. Police at the time of his arrest found narcotics, 15 tonnes of cigarettes and weapons. The Government confiscated his properties and gave Sejdiu 13 year prison sentence. The Zaev led puppet government released him 7 years earlier.

DUI’s Agron Buxhaku and his wife Meri Nikolovska have close ties with Kumanovo’s Al Capone, the nickname for Bajrush Sejdiu.

According to the SDS run media, next up for release is Zahir Bekiri – Chaush, who was given only a two year jail sentence after creating 35,000 fake IDs that were suppose to be given to Kosovo citizens to illegally vote in Macedonia’s elections.