Zaev fails to convince Mickoski to urge people to vote in referendum


A spokesman for the DPNE opposition Dimce Arsovski, said today that they stood by their statement repeated over the past few weeks in regards to the upcoming referendum.

“Our stance is the same as that at the leadership meeting, there is no change on our end,” Arsovski said in response to a journalist question whether there are consultations between VMRO-DPMNE and the government over the referendum issue and the character of the referendum.

At the last leadership meeting, Mickoski said that the government and the opposition had drastically opposing opinions on how the referendum issue should be addressed, and whether the referendum is legit or a consultative one. Namely, Mickoski asks the question to be unequivocal, one question and one question only, while Zaev suggested a questioned composed of three other sub-questions. Any referendum question that contains more than one question within it, is also unconstitutional.