Zaev fills Courts with SDSM minions and personal friends


The government also makes the Judicial Council partisan, the appointment of Pavlina Crvenkovska as President of the Judicial Council is taking complete control over the judiciary.

Crvenkovska was once head of Buckovski’s office and an official in the SDSM government. Zaev and SDSM function according to a system of partisanship, we see that in the judiciary, the appointment of Crvenkovska is just a continuation of the series of partisanship, such as the appointment of Kacarska as a Constitutional Judge. SDSM completely controls the judiciary, through Kacarska the Constitutional Court, through Crvenkovska the Judicial Council, through Ruskovska the Prosecutor’s Office.

Due to this partisanship, there is no criminal case against Zaev despite truckload of evidence for criminal actions by both Zaev and his brother. Boki 13’s Court testimony that the money from the Raket case ended up with Zaev and his brother Vice resulted in absolutely nothing, the prosecutors even refused to interview Zaev or his brother. Due to this partisanship, there is no accountability for the Mafia 1 and 2 cases either.