Zaev gets new orders from the CIA: Arrest Ivanov


Macedonia’s name change operation is ongoing. Russian political analyst Alexandr Dugin who is known for having very close ties with Russian intelligence has noted on his FB page that Zaev has received orders from the CIA, and it is to commit yet another coup, and arrest Ivanov!

The CIA feels fire under its feet because the entire name change operation is illegal. The Parliament itself is illegitimate. The original process that opened the ‘debate’ on Constitutional changes was done through crazed meddling by the US Ambassador who apart from managing Zoran Zaev found the time to spend few hours locked up in a Parliament office with MPs to ‘persuade’ them to vote. What followed next was a vote of 80 MPs, which was not enough to open the process – 81 are needed, but it was approved anyways. The culmination of the US Embassy meddling reached new heights on January 11th, this time a well known local CIA operative David Stephenson was the one locked up in an office with 3 MPs in Parliament, working his magic in “convincing” them to vote.

In order to give legality to a completely illegal name change operation, a president is needed who would sign off and make every illegal procedure in Parliament, legal.

This is where Ivanov comes in. He is not signing the document. Despite “congratulatory” remarks by globalist puppets like Merkel and EU’s Johannes Hahn – the Prespa document and all the procedures used to implement it were illegal, unconstitutional, and the entire country is against it which resulted in a failed Referendum.

However, the Deep State wing of the CIA who runs this entire operation cannot afford to wait for Macedonia’s presidential elections and the unpredictability of it (learned its lesson from the Referendum), and has tasked Zaev to arrest and replace Ivanov with illegal Parliament speaker Taljat Xhaferi. This is not surprising at all. There are already efforts precisely heading in this direction, with the UBK (Macedonia’s Intel Office) which is completely under CIA control being caught fabricating documents, pressuring individuals to give false statements and forging signatures alleging some sort of involvement by Ivanov in the incident on April 27th. They are trying to set him up and arrest him. In addition, the UBK has illegally wiretapped Ivanov’s personal cell phone and his office for months now – this fact was accidentally revealed by a local Judge controlled by the US Embassy.

Ironically, it was Dugin who also warned Erdogan he will be coup-ed by Army Generals who work for the CIA.

If Ivanov is brought down, that’s all she wrote. The citizenry must get together, forget Facebook and their discussions on who is to blame and march on Parliament and Government HQ and take their country back from this fascist anti-Macedonian junta. Macedonia must once and for all put an end to the insanity perpetuated by the US Deep State and their EU puppets against Macedonia since 2001.

The action plan ought to be quite simple: Instead of having 100 protests attended by 5,000 people, have 1 protest attended by 200,000 people – block entry to illegitimate MPs in Parliament, block entry of criminal officials to Government HQ.