Zaev gives jailed Kosovo terrorists iPhones and access to Facebook


SDS leader Zoran Zaev during a recent visit to penitentiary Idrizovo handed out iPhones to the Kosovo terrorists who killed 8 Macedonian policemen in Kumanovo on May 10th, 2015.
The phones were purchased and their internet/phone charges are paid for by the Macedonian Government.

Although Macedonian Courts are seeking to issue life sentences for all Kosovo terrorists, Zaev via a not so secret request from the US Embassy has already stated “people must be given a second chance” and has announced an “amnesty in the works” for all prisoners, which will include the Kosovo terrorists who killed 8 of our policemen.

First to use his iPhone from jail was Deme Shehu, a Kosovo citizen who stayed illegally in Kumanovo and was the “lookout” for the terrorist group, used his cellphone to give out the positions of Macedonian policemen to the terrorist group.

Zaev and the current Minister of Interior visited Kumanovo three days after the attack, not to visit the families of the fallen policemen, but to take photos with terrorists employed as ‘lookouts’ who were arrested few days later.


  • Its Just Me

    If we are run by Albanians, they why do they need Zaev?
    They should juts get rid of him and become Prime Ministers.
    They do not need Zaev for this?
    And we do not need Zaev at all.. Seriously who needs him?
    I think somebody needs to tell the Albanians that they can get rid of Zaev