Zaev goes missing as Parliament motions for Vote of Confidence


Zoran Zaev was last seen in public on Sunday night after the election when, disappointed by the convincing defeat, he announced that he would step down from the government and the party.

But, as always, everything remained only an announcement. Zaev has not submitted his resignation to the Parliament for a week, as he was expected to so, so that the procedure for his removal and for the fall of the government can begin.

The SDSM party said that he would resign but did not say the exact date hoping for good news from Brussels. In the meantime, both the SDSM & DUI have been active in offering bribes to MPs not to side with the DPNE led coalition, however this too has been unsuccessful.

Zaev could have employed his trusted technique that worked great two years ago when the country was being renamed. Jail 7-8 MPs on made up charges and offer them “freedom” if they vote your way.

Where is the resigned Prime Minister Zoran Zaev?

That Zaev hasn’t made any appearance is also shown by his Facebook as there hasn’t been a single post since October 31. He also did not appear in the premises of SDSM on “Bihacka”.

There have been new developments since then. Zaev lost the already slim majority in the Parliament. Now the new consists of VMRO-DPMNE, Alliance, Alternative and Levica, which announced that they will file a government no-confidence motion today.