Zaev hires UCK terrorist as his advisor, gives him top security clearance


UCK terrorist Xhezair Shaqiri aka Commander Hoxha has been hired as an advisor in the field of internal security and the fight against radicalism by SDS leader Zoran Zaev.

According to the announcement, Shaqiri has a temporary agreement with a duration of one year with a salary of 36,000 MKD per month.

Shaqiri, known as Commander Hoxha, after information and weekend reactions that he was appointed security adviser, wrote on his Facebook profile that he “got the post to survive” as he had not been employed for an extensive period. Meanwhile, the Macedonian public has suggested to Zaev to hire the UCk terrorist into one of his dozens of private companies who have received hundreds of millions of euros in Government contracts.

Even more troubling is the fact that the UCK terrorist has been issued top security clearance by the Government which in itself is a criminal act.

During the past six months, Zaev has hired 33 advisors, most of which are well known for their anti Macedonian rhetoric: Grchev, Zechevikj, Miletikj, Spasov, Kalajdziev etc.

  • jj

    Aren’t members of Macedonia’s army and police concerned? Where are the patriots who serve the country?

    • V.M.

      Yes, but we’re not a country…

  • Legenda Patriot

    Time for a special contract , actually two for the price of one. Let’s start from the top. Fish rot from the head.

  • Its Just Me

    If the Albanians have power, they do not really need Zaev..
    They certainly do not need him anymore.. isnt Zaev afraid?
    Isnt Zaev concerned of giving himself up and losing all power..?