Zaev: If I lose, there will be early elections, everyone must vote


In a yet another desperate attempt to obtain more votes (census) for the upcoming Northern presidential elections, Zaev promised early elections if his candidate loses, just one day after issuing a statement that he and DPNE’s Mickoski have agreed that there will be no early parliamentary elections.

Zaev promised he would resign as PM and call early elections if the name change referendum on September 30th was not successful. The referendum failed, Zaev didn’t resign and there wasn’t early elections.

And if you can’t trust a convicted criminal and a pathological liar, who can you trust?

Meanwhile, below (right) is the Northern junta advertising stand in Berlin whose main job is to attract foreign travel companies to bring more tourists to Macedonia.

No sign of Macedonia anywhere. What are these headless chickens promoting? Are they not embarrassed to even be there?

  • Tony

    Da te Ebam majkata sto te rode

    • Legenda Patriot

      Someone please just wipe out the fucking turd!

    • Smith And Wessen

      Da mu ebam od kaj sto e pusten