Zaev inserts Tirana Platform in Constitution as “concession” to get BESA vote in Parliament


During a series of meetings with ethnic Albanian opposition leaders on Tuesday, Zoran Zaev accepted further changes to the Constitution that severely eroded the position of the Macedonian nation in the Republic of Macedonia. The BESA and Alliance of Albanians parties said they will not vote to amend the Constitution and rename Macedonia into North Macedonia unless Albanians get even more of their demands out of the final deal, and without the two parties, Zaev would fall short of the required two thirds majority.
In essence, all the changes were quite nicely written in CIA’s Tirana Platform – these changes will give any minority in Macedonia the right to cede territory from the country.

One of the changes which Zaev agreed to alter is the Preamble of the Constitution, in the portion which begins with “The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, the Macedonian people and the citizens who live in its borders and are part of the Albanian people, the Turkish people, the Vlach people, the Serbian people, the Roma people, the Bosniak people and the others, assuming the responsibility…”. In the future, under Zaev’s proposal, the mention of the word “citizens” in front of the minorities in Macedonia will be erased, indicating a stronger role for the minority communities in the country. The words “who live” will also be deleted, Zaev said.

The final version will be: The citizens of Macedonia, the Macedonian people, the Albanian people, the Turkish pepole, the Vlach people… This appropriately and substantially equalizes the citizens before their fatherland – the Republic of Macedonia, Zaev said following a meeting with Ziadin Sela, leader of the Alliance of Albanians.

Another change which Zaev agreed to is to alter Article 49 which regulates that the state will take care of the rights of its diaspora. It now mentions the “diaspora of the Macedonian people” and will, in the future, mention the diaspora of the other communities that live in Macedonia as well. Kosovo will also be mentioned in the Constitution as one of the five neighboring countries of Macedonia. Zaev expressed hope that these concessions will be enough for the Albanian parties to support the renaming of Macedonia into North Macedonia.

Following the meeting, Sela indicated that he is satisfied with the agreement and Zaev expressed his hope that this will be enough for BESA to also support the proposed amendments.

We discussed the demands of the Alliance of the Albanians. I’m happy to say that with the outcome of the coming few days, and with the vote in the Parliament, there will no longer be two categories of citizens as we had so far. As a party we contributed that all citizens feel equal and we continue to demand that Macedonia is part of NATO and EU, said Sela, also announcing additional demands such as an explicit mention of the Albanian language in the Constitution.

Zaev relies of votes from ethnic Albanians and on the ethnic Albanian parties to prop up his Government, as a significant majority of Macedonians rejects the proposed name change of the country. Poll after poll have shown that Macedonians refuse the proposed name “North Macedonia”, while ethnic Albanians, whose nationality would not be impacted by the name change, approve of it by a large percentage.

Another demand BESA and AA made is that the formula which Zaev accepted in his negotiations with Greece about the Macedonian nationality is thrown out. Zaev agreed that the nationality is identified as: Macedonian/citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia. Albanian parties want this to say just “citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia. Zaev today insisted that this will be resolved in the law passed to implement the constitutional amendments, which specifies that nationality refers only to citizenship and does not prejudge the ethnic background of the citizen.

There are still negotiations over this, the latest report is that Zaev has agreed that in documents one can put Albanian citizen of North Macedonia.

  • Legenda Patriot

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  • neutrinoz

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  • Tony

    As of tomorrow the Albanian grubs will have more rights than us Macedonians.
    Zaev is a mother Fucken traitor.
    He Quotes “we are all equal”
    Are people equal in Albania and Kossovo(#is Serbia) mmm I wonder??

    • JPM RE

      Yes they are. Serbians in Kosovo are only 3% of the population and the Serbian language is an official language of Kosovo by law. The six stars of the Kosovo flag are there to represent all of the “major” ethnic groups of Kosovo including Serbs. To put this into context, the Albanians are 95% of the population Kosovo. Serbs in particular are also guaranteed 10 parliamentary seats. This many seats equals roughly 9% of all the seats of Kosovo’s parliament. This is representation in parliament of nearly 3 times the actual Serbian population in Kosovo! So… put that into context with the population of Albanians in Macedonia, and you have a very lopsided comparison. You were better off not mentioning your point at all….

      • Tony

        That is why Serbian politicians are being hunted down in your Mafia controlled state.
        The only lopsided view is you stating the minority’s numbers of the Albanians in Macedonia which in fact there is no clear indication on how many. Your 1/3 is far fetched as a census has not been properly addressed due to Albanians ballot stuffing.

  • V.M.

    The whole point is to erase that Macedonians are carriers of the country which will allow any minority to secede 2-3 years down the road.

    • JPM RE

      I agree that this may be a possibility in the future. I doubt 2-3 years, but possibly within the next 10-20-30 years. Obviously many things can change. The questions Macedonians have to answer today is, “do we try to work WITH the Albanians, or AGAINST them?”

      If you attempt to work against them in order to achieve an ideal of an “Exclusively Macedonian” character of the country, you will ultimately need force. You would need to break the will of the Albanians. This can only be achieved through war. And in order to succeed, you must be able to win decisively. Some form of ethnic cleansing would certainly be in order to keep the current borders of Macedonia, and have no Albanian issue to deal with. Does this appeal to current Macedonian sensibilities? Would you support such a move? Could Macedonians put such a chain of events in place and are they confident they could succeed? Such questions have been on the minds of Serbians in regards to Albanians for centuries… from Cubrilovic to Milosevic. In my personal view, if Macedonians attempted such a move, the country would suffer miserably, and the Macedonians would fair worse than Milosevic. Ultimately the country would disintegrate, with Albanians seceding.

      The alternative is to work WITH the Albanians. And yes, the country will not be, and cannot be exclusively “Macedonian”. The population of Albanians is far too great for such exclusivity. But by working with the Albanians, the country would have a better chance of sustaining its current border. Will giving Albanians completely equal rights within Macedonia lead to a possible secession in the future? I must admit, it could. But, it would be harder for the Albanians to gather support for such a move geo-politically, when they are an equal constituent of the country. in my view, the possibility of secession would be far less likely.

  • Taylor

    Listen, this is all a detraction, the Greek Govt and fellow US friendship backup with Nato is what is behind this drive and eradication of the Macedonian people. Because it’s a small powerless country, Macedonians 70% feel like giving up but they shouldn’t it’s their right, their country. Everyone wants a piece of it.. Zaev needs to go send in the Russians

  • strav

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  • Only Liberty Matters

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  • Zvara

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    Soon dollars will be useless.
    The flash crash on December is only an indication that the American currency is collapsing:
    After the dollar collapses the plan is ready from IMF. A digital currency controlled by the Central Bank:

  • Taylor

    It’s time for Macedonians to stop talking and start taking forceable action…..otherwise you won’t exist anymore you will hand over your fathers land to Albania, Greece… now need Russias HELP……