Zaev kicks out a Canadian company so it can give Gold mine to Bulgarian company


Macedonia’s criminal government led by Zoran Zaev did not allow the Canadian company “Euromax Resources”, after years of research, testing and preparation for work, to start producing copper and gold, in order to give the gold mine on a silver platter to a Bulgarian company. This was pointed out a few days ago by the non-profit civic association “Zdrava kotlina”, whose claims no one denied, not even Zaev’s government.

The association wrote on “Facebook that a Bulgarian company, whose name has not yet been disclosed, disguised as a Swiss company from the Cayman Islands, bought the company that owns the Ilovica-Shtuka mine, Euromax Resources. The least problem is that it is a Bulgarian company. The problem is that the true origin of the capital, the amount of the entire transaction is unknown, as well as the fact that it is revealed that a number of laws have been violated and damage has been done to the state budget.

Now the questions are openly asked whether there is a business promise by Zaev to Boyko Borisov, why no review into the transaction is allowed, and how does a Bulgarian company suddenly have an advantage over a Canadian?