Zaev lies to Netanyahu, boasts of Skopje 2014 built by Gruevski


Macedonia and Israel stand together on the side of global peace, will intensify cooperation in many levels including economy, agreed countries’ SDS leader Zoran Zaev and Benjamin Netanyahu respectively on Monday.

“We strive towards a better future, finding ways and fields where we can cooperate in the interest of the people and both countries. We have learned from the past how to secure our future. Israel is a technologically advanced country and will support the Republic of Macedonia”, said Netanyahu at a joint press conference while voicing support to Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

Zaev stressed Macedonia and Israel are friendly countries without open bilateral issues, hoping for cooperation in the fields of security and global peace.

“We hope to continue our cooperation through organizations such as NATO, because threats of radicalism and extremism are present here in Israel and this region, but also in Macedonia and the Western Balkans. We have been cooperating in the field of security and defense and this will increase because it is in the interest of the countries and its citizens”, said Zaev.

He added Israel’s experiences in the fields of innovations and start-ups are significant.

“We have things to learn from Israel about technological development and innovations, start-ups, job openings for the youth. This is one of the most important things for a prime minister and a government”, said Zaev.

He also voiced Macedonia’s commitment in respecting the cultural heritage of Jews.

“Macedonia nurtures the cultural heritage of Jews in the country. The Holocaust Memorial Center of Jews in Macedonia opened in 2011 followed by full rehabilitation of the Jewish cemetery in Bitola and the construction of a memorial park”, underlined Zaev, despite the fact in 2011, and 2012 the SDS leader openly promoted tearing the Holocaust Memorial Center down as an illegal structure, adding the money should have been spent for something useful. The center itself was built by VMRO-DPMNE as part of Skopje 2014.

Interlocutors agreed on enhancement of economic cooperation through the creation of a program for technological advancement and innovation support.

“Talks also focused on Israeli investments in Macedonia, more intensive business meetings and organization of a large business forum by the year-end. Furthermore, conditions for enhanced cooperation in the agriculture sector were reviewed, including experience exchange in the fields of technology and energy, taking into consideration Macedonia’s hydro-potentials and renewable energy sources. In addition, the delegations tackled the option of establishing a direct Skopje-Tel Aviv flight”, the Government said in a press release.

Zaev is accompanied in Israel by Vice Premiers Oliver Spasovski and Koco Angjusev, Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi and Agriculture Minister Ljupco Nikolovski.

  • Its Just Me

    He has to brag about it.. Look at it, he is not going to build anything, invest anything… so at least he could do is brag about what VMRO did..
    SDS is destroying everything, that is their legacy.
    Lets not forget, we owe the FYROM name to SDS.. I always wandered if Greece got so inspired to use “ You” in the name, if that is what FY stands for..