Zaev manages to make a fool out of DPNE’s Mickoski with a simple question


During last night’s debate between US Embassy representative Zaev and US Embassy representative Mickoski, it took Zaev 36 seconds to make a fool out of fake patriot Mickoski who earlier used a Macedonian pin to score points with the viewers.

Admittedly, Zaev isn’t able to debate a rock, let alone a human being, however, during the high strangeness of this debate where both the illegal Government and the controlled opposition have the same boss, it was Zaev who put Mickoski into a corner with a simple question: If you come to power, would you nullify the Prespa agreement? Mickoski had no response, his bosses at the Kale are watching.

This 36 seconds clip, Mickoski’s face, the silence… tells you all you need to know what the DPNE is and who they work for.