Zaev, Maricik, Spasovski… denied NATO Security Clearances


Macedonia is ruled by Government officials who are denied security clearances to the organization they are a part of.

After the most recent revelation that Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and Justice Minister Bojan Maricik were denied NATO security clearances, DPNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski asked whether this is because of their corruption and cooperation with the intelligence services of Eastern states?

Previously, Zaev and at least 8 more Government officials have been denied NATO Security clearances. MINA finds, only Pendarovski has qualified to receive such a certificate.

The denial of NATO certificates is a major scandal. The least the two can do is resign. I’m publicly asking them, Oliver Spasovski and Bojan Maricic, is it the reason that they are denied NATO clearances because one of them cooperated with services who are not part of the NATO alliance, and the other because of his corruption?, Nikoloski told the press.

The denial of NATO clearances is a growing scandal, that broke out after NATO refused to accept Colonel Zoran Sekulovski as permanent Macedonian representative. Shortly afterwards it was revealed that multitude of key ministers including Zaev were also denied access to NATO secrets.