Zaev meets with handful Albanians, lies to media about meeting with Macedonian diaspora


Macedonia’s illegitimate PM Zoran Zaev and his minister without portfolio Agron Ademi whose focus is on the diaspora lied to the media earlier today that he had met with the Macedonian diaspora overseas.

If previously Ademi lied about “huge inerest” from the Macedonian diaspora to vote in the referendum, which translates to SDS & DUI will be stuffing ballot boxes overseas, today Zaev and Ademi lied about having constructive meetings with the Macedonian diaspora.

Multiple organizations of the Macedonian diaspora in North America, Europe and Australia have denied any sort of meeting with Zaev, in fact most stated they would never meet with Zaev in the first place. Not to mentioned the Macedonians in North America seeking immediate arrest of Zaev, Xhaferi and Dimitrov.

This begs the question, who did Zaev meet?
According to our sources, Zaev met with 6-8 Albanians recruited by DUI for the ‘meeting’. This is the “diaspora” he met with.
In reality, Zaev would need a huge security escort for him to venture out among Macedonians overseas. Similarly to his outing in London when the local police got involved to provide additional security for the traitor.

The Macedonian diaspora has protested Zaev’s governing for nearly two years, in particular the treasonous agreements with Bulgaria and Greece.

Zaev did not meet with the Macedonian diaspora, this is simply not possible for him and his criminal junta.

  • V.M.

    Proklet ti e ovoj covek, mora i takvi da ima…. ajde sekoj go stiga toa shto mu sleduva…

  • Legenda Patriot

    Tocno je toa. Samo cekame da se stigni ona sto go sleduva poskoro! Ova najgolema steta na nasata ubava Makedoni treba da se plati.

  • strav

    Why hasn’t anyone put bullets in zaev yet? Come on macedonians are we not king phillips men!

  • jimbo

    Treason has only one punishment. Let’s make it happen brother Macedonians!