Zaev paid 20,000 denars each to SDSM officials to “debate” how good Prespa Agreement is


Zaev paid 20000 denars to each SDSM officials introduced as “expert” to participate in a public debate on changes of Macedonia’s constitution.

Government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski announced the payments today, stressing that not all were paid, but only those that the Government ordered them to develop special expertise during the debate. <– Yes, this is what Boshnjakovski actually said. And we don’t know what expertise the likes of Frckovski developed during the debate.

The Zaev government did not specify who received money, but were forced to acknowledge the payments after the SDS officials themselves bragged on social media that they were paid to support the Prespa Agreement in a debate where all participants were pro Agreement with Greece.

No critics of the Agreement (2/3rds of the country) received an invitation.

The public discussions were attended by well known SDSM officials and ideologues, professors Ljubomir Frckoski (reported as the main suspect behind the Gligorov assassination), Nano Ruzin, Temelko Ristevski and Gjorgi Spasov.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Everyone one of them should be executed before the end of the year!