Zaev pays (€500,000) racket for drug bust in Arachinovo


Just a fortnight ago, the Macedonian police entered the lawless enclave of Aracinovo, looking for 2 tons of stolen marijuana. It found some, a third, but not all of it, that is if you trusts the statement of the Ministry of Interior.

Eight people were allegedly arrested, but once again this is according to the MoI, and we couldn’t verify this.

MINA finds the marijuana taken from Aracinovo belonged to the husband of Arachinovo SDSM mayor Milikije Halimi. Fast forward 24 hours later, the Macedonian Government has selected Aracinovo as the recipient of 500.000 euros state funds for “difficulties in their work due to Covid19“. The Government has not provided any information why only Arachinovo out of 50+ municipalities was selected to get financial assistance due to covid19, or how will this money be spent.


MINA finds from SDSM sources that the 500,000 euros is nothing but an actual “racket fee” paid to Halimi’s hudband for Zaev’s bust in the village. The Government was forced to put a “covid19” spin for their payment to the criminal gang who runs Arachinovo.