Zaev phones border police to let vehicles in without inspection


A leaked border police report published by Skopje media shows Northern minister Zoran Zaev personally calling the customs officers at the Deve Bair border crossing with Bulgaria to urge them to let several vehicles into the country.

The report was made on the night between Saturday and Sunday. It states that Zoran Zaev called the border police to instruct them that several waiting vehicles need to be allowed through. It states the names of the passengers and their vehicles, but they were edited before publication.

There is no report about Zaev’s link to the passengers, but the report states that he insisted that some of the passengers are sick or with children and that they must be allowed into the country. it doesn’t state what was the reason that the vehicles were not allowed into Macedonia – whether it was Covid related or if there was some other issue with the passengers.

Leaked document shows that Zaev personally intervened to allow several groups of passengers through the Macedonian – Bulgarian border

Kurir informs that later a new report was prepared by the border police. It omits the fact that Zaev personally urged the officers to allow the passengers in, and simply states that they received “phone instructions” to allow the passengers into the country “on humanitarian grounds”.

The vehicles included a German and a Kosovan licensed car, as well as three vehicles of Macedonian citizens driving toward Skopje.