Zaev puts terrorist who tortured highway workers in charge of Foreign Investments


After DUI’s Ibrahim Dehari rejected the offer for minister in charge of foreign investments, illegitimate Prime Minister Zoran Zaev received another proposal from his government partner Ali Ahmeti for the post. It Hisen Xhemaili who confirmed to “Plusinfo” that he accepted the offer and added that it was important for the government to be strong and to contribute more to society.

Incredibly, Xhemaili now works as an assistant professor of geography at the infamous University of Tetovo where diplomas are printed based on how much paper is available in the printer. Previously he was a counselor in the municipality of Tetovo, and in the mandate from 2008 to 2011 he was an MP. He is one of the founders of the Democratic Union for Integration.

He will also be remembered as a defendant in one of the four Hague cases and as one of the MPs whose immunity has been revoked. As an active participant in the NLA in the 2001 conflict, he was accused of torturing Mavrovo construction workers. An arrest warrant was issued after Xhemaili didn’t appear in parliament or in court for two months.

Today, Xhemaili will attract foreign investments.