Zaev referendum campaign: 150 people in Berovo, 100 in Strumica


After SDSM debacle in Shtip, Kichevo, Kochani, Dojran, Tetovo, Zaev’s referendum fiasco continued today in Berovo and Strumica with both “rallies” being attended by roughly 100-150 people.

The “no-show” in Strumica was certainly unexpected, considering the second name for the city is ‘Zaevgrad’, not because he is beloved there, but because his brother and cousins have complete control of the city.

In Strumica, Radmila Sekerinska was promoting the name change to roughly 100 people, although this is is a generous estimate.

With rallies like this, the referendum has less than zero percent success rate, however one shouldn’t underestimate the level of fraud being planned.

More bottles than people

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