Zaev refused aid for Macedonians, gives Albania 100,000 euros in flood aid


Macedonia’s government at its regular session on Tuesday has earmarked MKD six million (about EUR 100,000) in financial support and additional humanitarian aid to flood-affected regions in Albania.

This move is seen as ironic by Macedonian citizens as the same Government refused to give any aid to quake victims in Ohrid and Resen, and then refused aid to victims of devastating fires in both eastern and central Macedonia.

At least one death was confirmed and travel was brought to a halt by widespread flooding that swamped many parts of Albania in early December. Continued rain and flooding prompted the evacuation of 600 families in two of the country’s southwestern districts, local media reported.

More than 3,000 homes, 56 schools and 16,000 hectares of agricultural land have been flooded. Many roads and 28 bridges have been damaged. Albania’s authorities have started calculating the damage to consider financial compensation, the reports said.

  • jj

    Traitorous government. Serbia gave the same amount even though Albania had terrorist bases for the UCK/KLA on its territory and Serbs were brought back there to be tortured/killed or have their organs taken out. Didn’t Albania steal enough already?